Thrilling and Scary Games for Your Halloween Party

Scare up your Halloween family fun with some scary and thrilling games. Read this tips to find out the most thrilling and scary games which is suitable for all ages. "Nosey" or "Nose Game" is another good family game which always provides a lot of fun for everybody parents and children alike.

It is a favorite at family parties. After this teasing game and the well-known, hilarious "Costume Race", it is well to give your guests a breathing spell. Ask the youngsters to sit on the floor while you tell them a Halloween story.

Assign to each youngster a character which appears in the story. Whenever one's character is mentioned in the story, he makes the sounds assigned to him. The storyteller should pause a moment after a character is mentioned in the story. You'll probably have more guests than characters in the story but two or more can be assigned to the same character. It doesn't lessen the fun a bit.

The "Cat Game" will give your guests a real thrill. It's a must at our family parties on Halloween night. All lights are dimmed.

Big and little guests sit on the floor in a circle, a sheet spread in the center. Each one takes hold of the sheet with his left hand and keeps his right hand free under the sheet. The hostess appears holding a tray covered with a napkin and says in a solemn voice: "This evening when the Halloween cat was on the way to our party it was run over. His remains will now be passed around under the sheet. This is the cat's eye just pass it to your neighbor and so on around the circle under the sheet.

" The hostess reaches under the sheet to hand the first person an icy oyster, to be followed by the head a ball of yarn filled with hairpins; tail a coon tail from a child's cap; teeth a string of large beads, chilled; hide a brushed wool helmet; tongue a very cold watermelon pickle; insides a bunch of soft dough, well floured. The shrieks accompanying this game are hairs rising. The refreshments can be as simple or as elaborate as you want but after an evening of hilarity, apple cider and pumpkin pie are easy to serve and popular.

By all means give a family Halloween party. It's such a good chance to have fun with your children and your neighbors and their children. It also provides a constructive way for young America to celebrate that American tradition of Halloween merrymaking. Costume Race, Nose Game, Cat Game are all always top in fun in Halloween party. Every body enjoys this game.

It can be play by anyone, no matter how old they are. It is also important to serve some popular and easy to eat food.

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