The Easy Way To Avoid The Scammers

How did scamming start and where did it come from? This is really a silly,or nieve question, would we ask, where did theft come from, or why are some people dishonest? No of course not and ultimately the internet is available to all without discrimination, the good and the bad, the honest and the dishonest. In this context, an absence of scamming, or fraud online would be to say the least strange, or unusual. The real question is how to protect "yourself" from it. Unfortunately Former Soviet Union countries and particularly The Ukraine are way up there in the black lists.

So how easy is it for scammers to continue their practices? Scamming is yet another widely accepted online word, much as geek and surfing the web, but lets be absolutely clear scamming is attempted theft, fraud, or deception. How easy is it to perpetuate scamming? It's ridiculously easy. We cannot blame the internet, it is as it was intended to be, a free and open channel of comunication Worldwide, without distinction of borders, or frontiers.

It is available to all, without discrimination, selection, or bias. No the onus is on us the users, we must use common sense and be careful and we have the intelligence to do that do we not. What does it take to become a scammer? Put the photo of a drop dead gorgeous woman on the net, pad it out with some wonderful words and that is it. Yes I know it`s too simple, but believe it, or not, it really it is that simple.

Russia & The Ukraine are effectively very poor countries materially, ok there are a few lucky ones that since the fall of the empire have become rich, super rich and we hear much of these people, but they represent a tiny percentage of the population. Equally, as is now clear, a surprising number of very beautiful women live in these countries and so scamming began. My area of expertise is The Ukraine and within this country the phenomenon of scamming maybe started in Lugansk,, a quite small city, way down in the south east of The Ukraine, it is an area, that until recently was famous for its mineral wealth and mining. I know this city, I have visited this city, is it special within The Ukraine? The noticable distinction is not that these ladies are very beautiful, no it is the fact that there are so many of them and as any visitors soon realises they are everywhere. It can be quite a shock for the guy on his first visit? No, it is just another Ukrainian city.

My friends from this city tell me that the practise of scamming began about 10 years ago, within Lugansk and these guys made a lot of money. What did it take, it was so easy. Put a photo of a beautiful lady online; If they had the skill, intelligence and ability to concoct romantic and resposive responces they could be very convincing. We are talking of very intelligent and creative people here and many of them were able to produce very convincing replys to the letters. With these skills and their intelligence they were away.

Guys the world over began writing to these women, sending money, gifts, it was a dream come true, it was too easy. Whilst quite clearly scamming is both moraly deplorable and unacceptable, we have to realise that the FSU countries do not share the same material benefits that we in the West have become accustomed too. The one asset they have and had was an enormous pool of beautiful women. The victims? How were they able so easily to dupe, or rob so many, so quickly? They offered dreams, often unrealistic and unrealisable dreams and played upon such human emotions as the need for love, or lonliness. The guys caught out were, in general guys from the West, guys from the relatively rich countries.

Suddenly the beauty of the women of The Ukraine had a value, became a saleable item and the Internet made it possible. Who is to blame, the beautiful women, or the gullible guys? It seems to me to be a 50/50 situation and if you are a guy that has been duped, I am sorry, but that is how it seems to me. Now the plain fact is that The Ukraine and other former Soviet Union countries are very rich in beautiful, cultured and very intelligent women and for a variety of reasons they are open to finding a man from without their borders. How to find and contact one? There are now some very successful and huge dating sites worldwide.

These sites are now huge with millions of users around the world and it is largely due to their, efforts, profesionalism and integrity that online dating is now mainline and socially acceptable. Why should you not seek your Russian, or Ukrainian lady from these sites? Due to their own success they are all automated and self registering systems and whilst I know they have very stringent built in safegaurds and controls, a clever scammer ( and most are very clever) can slip through and into their system? They are dependent on trust, on good will and upon honesty and whilst they have both stringent and strong safeguards, they cannot within their systems police their membership. The Ukraine and Russia are unique and only through a very controlled system of membership can you be sure. A system whereby each lady is met, interviewed, photographed and then allowed to enrol into the agency. Yes it is quite a laborious process and the chances are it will be more expensive for you, but equally, you can at least be sure and maybe, if you are very lucky you might find one of these gorgeous women, just for you.

The actions of a minority have affected the sincere intentions of the majority. There are many very genuine and sincere Russian & Ukrainian ladies sincerely interested in meeting a foreign man. Due to the actions of the few care must now be taken in finding your Russian partner. If you seek a secure and genuine agency to help you in your quest visit:-

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