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Here is another Canon digital picture moment from my many years of experiences. I hope you get as big a chuckle out of it as my friends have. My best friend and I have often thought of writing a book of all our funnier moments. Between the two of us I think we could keep you amused for hours. Well, instead of a book, I am writing them in my blog so you can freely enjoy them. Some of these Canon digital picture moments will have been experienced by me, and some by those closest to me.

The following Canon digital picture moment is one that sticks out most in my mind right now. This is the Canon digital picture moment. Picture this: It is a rainy fall day, and I am driving down a narrow country road in my husbands fairly new, red, lightweight, pickup truck. Suddenly I come upon a muddy stretch of road on a sharp curve. In the seat beside me is a laundry basket filled mostly with my "personal" items.

Beside that is a pan of turkey that I was taking to my husband, who was helping my best friends husband build their new home. Got the picture so far, but wait. Now add this to your Canon digital picture moment. If you have ever been to Georgia you may have noticed that our soil has a lot of clay in it.

Red clay to be more specific. If you know anything about clay, then you know that when it gets wet, it gets very slippery, as much as, if not more so than, ice. Do you know what happens to a red, lightweight, pickup truck, doing 50 miles an hour, comes upon a curve covered in red clay? Well, all I can tell you is that, for a few moments after hitting that mud slick, all I could think about was how much it seemed like a ride at Six Flags. That ride would be the scrambler, which is one of my favorite rides.

Fortunately the road at that moment was unoccupied, because I did several 360's, until the tail end of the red, lightweight, pickup truck came in contact with an embankment. Got the picture so far, but wait. Now add this to your Canon digital picture moment. Remember the laundry basket on the seat next to me? During all the spinning around, which even while it was happening seemed fun, nearly every piece of laundry that had been in the basket was now all over the dash, the rear view mirrow, and hanging from anything that would let it hang, and most of it was covered in turkey, and for the most part it was my "personal" laundry hanging in the most visible locations. Now you think you've got the full picture, but wait.

One final addition to your Canon digital picture moment. There was another road which joined the one I was traveling on, and it was in the center of the curve I was spinning on. On that corner was a convenience store. At that very moment there were several men gathered at that convenience store, and all of them belonged to the Baptist church we were attending at the time. Being a very thoughtful and caring group of men, they, of course, rushed over to help. I had kept my cool up until then, but when I saw them coming down the road, and looked around the cab of the truck, I very hurriedly tried to get everything stuffed back into the laundry basket, and when I realized I couldn't get everything back in before they got to me, I got out and tried to convince them everything was alright.

But, of course, they had to come and help get me out of the ditch. I don't know if any of them noticed my "personal" laundry hanging in the truck, but I had a hard time looking at them for the next few Sundays. Got the picture? If you enjoyed this Canon digital picture moment, just keep checking back, I have a lot of Canon digital picture moments that I will be sharing in the near future.

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