Get Better Sleep After Baby Is Born Use a CoSleeper

I know that people have strong opinions about co-sleeping but we found a happy medium. I strongly recommend using a co-sleeper that attaches/sits next to your bed for several months after baby is born. We used the Arm's Reach Original Co-sleeper with both of our children. With our son we placed it right next to our bed.

First on my husband's side because I was recovering from a c-section so when he was hungry my husband would give him to me so I could breastfeed him. Later we moved it back to my side but I wasn't able to get any sleep because he moved so much so we moved him back to my husband's side. Our son was in the co-sleeper for probably close to 8 months in The Original Co-SleeperŪ Bassinet. We started transitioning him to the crib around 6 months but it took us about 8 months to get him used to his crib. For several months he woke up so often that it was easier for us to keep him in our room.

(This waking up every few hours sadly continued until he was over 3 years old?he still wakes up to this day.) When our daughter was born, we put the co-sleeper at the foot of the bed (because we had a different bed frame and there was no footboard). This minimized the disturbances from movement that all of us experienced. She slept so well that we transitioned her to the crib at about 5 months. She is still a dreamy sleeper. Thank GOODNESS! The Co-sleeper also makes a great pack-n-play which we have used often.

We still use it when we have visitors (because they stay in the guest room where her crib is) or when we go stay overnight with people who don't have a crib or pack-n-play for her to use. It's easy to assemble?not so easy for me to break down?but the positives drastically overwhelm the breaking down challenges. If you are thinking of co-sleeping, I encourage you to get a co-sleeper.

Some people are comfortable sleeping with a baby in their bed but personally, I was downright nervous or shall we say petrified that one of us or the pillows/blankets would accidentally hurt them.

The author of this article, Aruni Gunasegaram, is the President/Founder of Babble Soft, which offers web and mobile software applications that facilitate communication between caregivers by helping them with breastfeeding support bottle feedings, mom's pumping, baby sleep patterns, diapers, immunizations and medicine doses as well as baby's first year photo album.

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