Fascinating Valentine Supper

Are you wondering what to serve for your Valentine party youngsters? Do not worry anymore because this article will give you tips for the best Valentine supper. The next game was a valentine "Heart Hunt" with a different twist. Beforehand Barbara's mother had hidden dozens of small red hearts made of construction paper, in every conceivable place around the house. The children paired off in teams and joined hands. The hunt began while Barbara's mother played the piano.

They hunted fast and furious, as long as the music continued. When the music stopped they stopped in their tracks. If anyone moved after the music stopped or if he dropped his partners hands while hunting, he was disqualified.

The team finding the most hearts won the game. After the excitement of the "Heart Hunt" Barbara passed out a dozen candy hearts to each guest the kind that bears a sentimental or slang expression. She offered a prize to the one making the most complete sentence from the words on the hearts. Some fast trading of hearts went on, as the youngsters tried to get candies with expressions that would fit together. This game proved to be very lively entertainment.

For the next game the group was divided into two teams. Each team formed a circle. In the center of each circle Barbara put a large pie tin on the floor. Then she passed to each a paper plate for a fan. In the one circle she sprinkled red tissue-paper hearts all over the floor.

In the other circle she used white tissue-paper hearts. At a signal everyone started fanning with the plate, trying to blow the hearts into the pie tins. This game was very hilarious because the harder the fanning the higher the hearts flew. And they blew out of the pie tin almost easier than they blew in. The team with the most hearts in the pan after ten windy minutes won the game.

In the wide arched doorway between the living and dining room Barbara's mother hung about a foot apart a number of red cardboard hearts from strings of varying length. One at a time, each guest was blindfolded, given a pair of scissors, turned around three times and told to snip a heart. Then her partner of the "Heart Hunt" game held a short piece of string the end of which was fastened around the blinded guest's wrist. The partner could say nothing, but tried to guide his partner toward the hearts with small tugs at the string.

The team snipping down the most hearts won the game. The youngsters were fascinated with the valentine supper which concluded the party. Pink ham decorated with white potato salad heart, and heart-shaped red Jello salad carried out the color scheme. White heart shaped sandwiches and tall glasses of milk added the filling. Dessert was a brick of white ice cream with molded pink hearts in the center.

After the party Barbara agreed with her mother that next best to lots of brothers and sisters were lots of friends for making valentines.

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